myEPITIRO Enterprise

myEPITIRO Professional

Ultimate Control and Flexibility

myEPITIRO Enterprise includes all myEPITIRO Professional features and more

  • myEPITIRO Web Portal and Mobile App Access
  • Multi-user with Multi-role
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • Benchmark Multiple Networks Support
  • Mobile and E-mail Notifications

Features available only with myEPITIRO Enterprise

  • Captive Portal Authentication Performance
  • Custom Test Configuration
  • Support for LTE Performance Monitoring
  • 802.1x EAP-TLS Certificate Authorization
  • Custom Integration with Your BI Tools
Download myEPITIRO Enterprise datasheet here

myEPITIRO web portal video overview


Epitiro’s Virtual Customer (ViC) Agents continuously test, report, and notify you of your Wi-Fi network user experience.

Epitiro makes it simple to find and fix user experience problems. 

  • Know what your customer is experiencing
  • Analyze trends
  • Spot network capacity limitations
  • Identify poor signal and interference
  • Address user authentication failure
  • See if your network is being spoofed
  • Compare before and after

Conveniently view and analyze your network performance from your smartphone or desktop

  • Verify expected service levels
  • Be notified of outages and degradation
  • Share information with stakeholders
  • Get the service levels you pay for